If YOUFOLK were a magazine…

> It would have uncoated, un-glossed pages

> Its pages would be thick and smell of paper


If YOUFOLK were wood…

> It would be sanded back

> It would have industrial markings

> It would be a railway sleeper, a scaffolding board,  
  a log for firewood


If YOUFOLK were a fire…

> It would be a wood burning fire

> It would be a little bit battered and lovingly

> It would be one of the only features in the room

> It would imbue the simple pleasures


If YOUFOLK were a material…

> It would be brown, uncoated paper

> It would be simple brown string

> It would be ink

> It would be stamped

> It would be battered, matt metal


If YOUFOLK were a holiday…

> It would be a one-off

> It would be a cabin in the wilderness

> It would be a yurt with a small stove

> It would be a small, period apartment crammed full
  of art

> It would be in an eclectic, artistic city or the
  great outdoors

> It would be off the beaten track


If YOUFOLK were a single feature…

> It would be a length of old, thick nautical rope

> It would be a worn piece of leather

> It would be a tribal stick

> It would be a disused tannoy

> It would be an old typewriter still inked and ready
  to use

> It would be the glow of a solitary filament
  light bulb

> It would be a one–off found object carefully
  selected along the journey

“The restored, the found, the reused,
the passed down,
the worn and the inventively crafted”



YOUFOLK's inventive approach to styling is distinctly different. Celebrating the explorers, the curious, the brave and the inspiringly unique, YOUFOLK Style Studio was founded by Creative Stylist, Abby Walton, for those in search of
something different.


YOUFOLK is a collector of eclectic inspirations and modes of expression. We get excited by diversity and the discovery of cohesion between seemingly disparate objects. We are admirers of simple and honest materials. By seeing the undiscovered possibilities in everyday objects and handcrafting complimentary details, YOUFOLK is able to create enlivening style aesthetics.


YOUFOLK navigates every project with fervour, imagination and our unique sensibility for styling; creating visual experiences personally tailored to inspire any wedding, interior or event.


Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Style Studio works across the North East as well as the U.K. nationally on projects of varying scales. We are excited by the undiscovered and enjoy the exploration of each journey we take.




YOUFOLK's focus on a collaborative journey extends to WEFOLK, a community of like-minded and friendly creatives who we love to work with. Each ink-stained illustrator, flour dusted baker, poised photographer and worn handed kitchen maker shares the YOUFOLK values within their own distinct and inspired artform. Being able to call upon this diverse array of talented folk allows us to offer the most unique and exciting styling service possible.


For those committed to an eclectic, adventurous life.

hello@youfolkstudio.com / 07891679793 / Based in North-East (Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland), works across U.K.


© YOUFOLK 2016